“As I had not worked with any interior designers in Bangalore, I was not sure whether the work would meet my expectation. This included the time, cost and design aspects. However after the project was completed, I was really satisfied on all three counts.
I really liked the personal touch of Urban Insight. It was easy to work with your team and make changes without making much fuss.
I would highly recommend your services to friends and family.”

Leslie , SouthRidge 204


“Dear Urban Insight Team,
In the past, I have had very bad experiences when getting woodwork done. Issues have been related to quality of material, quality of work, time taken and cost. I had the same fear when I contracted you’ll to get my house woodwork done. However, after having seen the work that your team has done, I can truly say that you’ll are a professional, honest, sincere group that delivers value for money. The attention to detail and quality are two aspects that really made me happy. Kudos to you’ll and keep up the good work. Thanks for delivering great quality at a fair price.”

Best regards, Capt. Shankar Sukrutaraj


“Since your name came recommended by a colleague, I was sure of good quality workmanship. My favorite part of the project was the regular feedbacks that I got since I was in Delhi while the work was going on in Bangalore. I would definitely recommend you for your honest approach and regular feedback.”

Capt. Chandrashekar, Soudhamini Apartments, F104


“We were in a hurry to move into the apartment at the earliest and abiding by the time schedule was our priority. Our concerns were put to rest because the work was completed on schedule. Thanks to Mr.Umesh & Mr.Deepak. We will definitely recommend this team to any prospective client as they are sincere,hardworking & imaginative.”

Mrs & Mr A V N Iyengar